Agri Sensors

Electronic sensors are showing up in devices all around the world. Environmental data are being collected each second at IoT endpoints powered by advanced in protocols like LoWaRan, Zigbee, Wifi, GRPS. IoT data generated by machines and sensors in the in real time from the field for better crop quality and forecasting or historically evaluated used for better financial investment, trading decisions, and risk management.

Crops around the world have devices monitoring their vital statistics at regular intervals in the ground. Supply Chain analysts and Commodities can directly monitors crop health growing areas around the world and continuously receive updates in order to create their own global crop forecasts.

Combining this agricultural and crop information weather information and market updates can used to be create a complete picture of the agricultural supply chain by monitoring crop and product alerts on wide varieties of events that can cause disruption to supply, from natural disasters to geopolitical developments to network and transportation outages.