Swiss Re in talks to sell stake to SoftBank. And why wouldn’t they? What sound like an unlikely couple is actually a marriage of convenience.

Swiss Re informs this week that it’s engaged in preliminary discussions with SoftBank Group Corp. (“SoftBank”) regarding a potential minority investment in Swiss Re.

Though Discussions are at a very early stage and a certainty that any transaction will be agreed, is far from certain, its still worth thinking about in terms of who has more to gain from this.

Swiss Re, is a strange consort for Innovative VC life of SoftBank. From the Reinsurance perspective nothing makes sense here. Until you see how far behind SwissRe are compared to they German neighbor, Munich Re in the field of innovation.

They both have something to gain from this setup. SwissRe gets dragged into the fast pace industry of innovation and SoftBank get to sink their teeth into the reams of methodically curated data sets that one can expect from a ReInsurance company.

They are indeed strange bedfellows. But so too are Amazon and Healthcare.

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