If there ever was a a doubt that Asset Managers have no need or interest in the Big data market then here is more proof to the contrary. 

Commercial real estate analytics firm Reonomy has just cashed in on $16 million from Bain Capital Ventures and property mogul Barry Sternlicht.

In on the deal were other names big and small like MMC Technology Ventures, of Marcus and Millichap Company, Red Apple Group and JAWS, notably the family office of Barry Sternlicht, CEO of Starwood Capital Group.

Each one of the above are putting hard cash into the growing industry demand for machine-analyzed data that can be consumed from multiple sources. One source at a time data is of little use to anyone. Machined together and aggregated its a whole other world of insight.

Taking that data, cleaning structuring it and stitching it all together is the magic sauce.

The new number on the other end of the pipe will bring the insight and light up the opportunities invisible before. No matter what the market.  In this case its real estate, but its across the board. Healthcare, security, finance, sales; each one of these industries are on the tipping point of being able to structure messy data for unfathomable value.

Reonomy does that by stitching together multiple data points to uncover and target opportunities with their data engine (some call it an insight engine) that enables users to effortlessly search nationally by property type, size, number of units, sale date, mortgage maturity date, and many other criteria to identify your target market. Each one of these being their own data source, with its own merits but rather outdated and insightful on its own.

Just watch what Bezos and Co will do with their Healthcare move.

What has changed since the last Wallgreens disaster? Give or take, the industry is still the same?  Whats changed is the data they have to work with and the immense computing power of amazon to derive new gold insight from that data.  And that something the incumbent powers in the U.S. pharmaceutical industry just don’t have the technological wherewithal to take on.

So where a firm or startup exists where their greatest resource is their content and there is an enormous amount of it, then they will be part of explosion of acquisitions and funding in the midst of a Data Revolution.

Fueling that revolution is a perfect storm of events.

New stricter regulation, pressure on cost and reducing it, newer more nimble technologies, new platform business models and thousands of technologists leaving the incumbent institutions bigtechs full of ideas, money and will to disrupt the old model.

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