London-based Cantab Capital Partners Quantitative Fund Aristarchus, with $1.9 billion under management, was up 30.97% in 2017, “without any facny machine Learning techniques”

Gam’s quantitative investments acquired the British Quantfirm Cantab Capital Partners, which uses sophisticated mathematical models for trading strategies.

With all the discourse of powerful Machine Learning in practically every walk of life its interesting to read article where the enthusiasm of relying on Machines to do the work for us is rebuked. Or at very least the tale of Machine being immediately superior to human interactions is taken down a level or two.

It turns out the co-existence of the humble human with their machine counterparts could even be a blissful future.

The considerations from the Valuewalk article tends to take a more optimistic approach.  Hedgfunds like Cantab Capital (Part of  the Swiss GAM group) just took the time in 2017 to carry diligent and clever strategy adjustment. Check it out here

The brightest quants and strong traders in funds can cheerfully compete with the algorithms

Contrasts that of Man AHL the first traditional CTA strategy practitioners to claim profitability on a machine learning strategy. They run the $3.4 billion Man AHL Evolution fund. Managed in London by Tim Wong and Matthew Sargaison, was up 18.2% in 2017. Its a nice number but if you are to go by the Cantab story, they could well have been on the road to succeed had they optimized their numbers.

How much confidence they have that Machine Learning had played a part if up for debate.


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