Rocket Lab delivers nanosatellites to orbit on first successful test launch – Spaceflight Now

The launch of a Cubesat ( an itty bitty satellite alternative to the traditional hulking great satellite being thrown into space by government and private aerospace enterprises) is thanks in no small part to startups like Rocket Lab. Only four years in existence and it already delivers nanosatellites to orbit wit its first successful test launch in the tank.

Hailing the way for more deliveries of nanosatellites to orbit Thai will only be the first of many more successful test launch.

Although the future is not as certain as firms would make you believe there is still a tonne of Silicon Valley funding out there for the taking. But there is still a business model to work out. Who needs east nanosatelite launches and how much are they willing to pay?

And as luck would have it, its will be the accident of geography that will dictate how successful your enterprise will be in space. New Zealand with us polar position and easy orbit access ( yes you read that correctly) has the best chances.

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