Are you a Panda or a Gibbon?

How to not be spooked by and facial recognition technology.

One of the best ways not to flip out under the weight of knowing that there are digital surveillance cameras and associated Artificial Intelligence technology, is to consider that thee are souls out there trying to break them.

A sweet gentle reminder that there will always be the unruly kids out there hell bent on breaking stuff.

And one such piece I found was here. As strange as AI and surveillance techniques get, it nice to know that there still ehm? machines and pretty easy to fool. As intelligent as they get for now any good AI algorithm is still a good one trick pony.

Turns out you can intelligently disrupt what a camera sees. Or just fool it into thinking its after seeing something else.

At least its nice to know there is the possibility fool a recognition system so that the user can carry out their daily chores. All told there is the flip side of the coin or could be used maliciously to  create security hazards, avoid detection or capture on roads or areas populated with smart camera with facial recognition software.


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