Autonomous vehicle race heating up this week.

There has been so much activity in the field of autonomous vehicle this week that it s difficult to know where to begin.

While Tesla faffed about with delays on their model 3

They also decided to not bother too much about the much anticipated autonomous cargo vehicle. And pushed out the preview of their fully autonomous semi to deal with the Model 3 production.

Which would be fine (in fact their share hardly suffered – if you were the only firm looking at the same tech. And as luck (or corporate Marketing) would have it GM pulled out their own version of an autonomous semi.

In addition the GM beast has a hydrogen fuel cell electric truck. And they are using all their trucking know how to give a more directed platform aimed at commercial vehicles used for cargo delivery and commercial freight.  this is where the decade of GM experience in trucking come into place.

Then right at the tail end of the all the autonomous Nvidia announced they would be releasing the next generation of chip targetted at fully autonomous vehicels

Puling in Deutsche Post DHL Group,and ZF to deploy a fleet of autonomous delivery trucks based on the new chips, starting in 2019, NVIDIA said.

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