Autonomous vehicle race heating up this week.

There has been so much activity in the field of autonomous vehicle this week that it s difficult to know where to begin. While Tesla faffed about with delays on their model 3 They also decided to not bother too much about the much anticipated autonomous cargo vehicle. And pushed out the preview of … Continue reading Autonomous vehicle race heating up this week.

#Ryanair, #Bombardier, #Telecom Italia 

EUROPEAN COMPANY NEWS Ryanair pilots dilemma still dragging on this week.  After it was was warned last week about "action, not words" by British aviation regulator. After it somehow for got to tell 400,000 customers of flyer rights after cancelling flights right up to Christmas 2017. This week they are in more hot water after latest compensation … Continue reading #Ryanair, #Bombardier, #Telecom Italia