#dailydoug Army Face of War and artificial intelligence | Georgia the land of altcoins 

Artificial intelligence is not just the domain of asset managers. Taken from Signal magazine is a decidedly timely article on the changing face of war. With all the rhetoric and tough talk about who gets to nuke who first a quick read into the changing dynamic of modern warfare makes the threat of all out nuclear war seem positively old fashioned. Almost quaint.


While all The hot air leads to the inevitable nuclear threats its actually going to be Cyber attacks, robots, artificial intelligence and other technologies will define the  battlefield of the future. And the first strike is most likely not going to be a large ICBM whizzing across continents, but a more stealth approach to knocking out infrastructure and technical infrastructure that keeps a modern economy, city or army running.

Georgia on my mind

Ever hear of Georgia that’s not the state in US? Well if you are in the market for altcoin it may be worth knowing a little bit more about the country. Why care about Georgia? 

As it turns out Georgia is very supportive of cryptocurrency. To the point that a top Georgian bank, Liberty Bank is trading bitcoin and litecoin. Just go by their site and it’s listed as one of their primary and pretty standard services. Effectively allowing its customers to buy bitcoin through its ATM network in Georgia.

Bitfury is also in Georgia. The blockchain technology company recently partnered with Georgia’s National Agency of Public Registry (NAPR) to put their data on blockchain. And that goes all the way back to 2016. The project was to record land registry titles https://cointelegraph.com/news/georgia-records-100000-land-titles-on-bitcoin-blockchain-bitfury. 

And as of a few days ago Georgia will now plAy history to theGolden Fleece Project. An  ambitous altcoin mining ecosystem.

Golden Fleece Project, an ambitious altcoin and cryptocurrency mining operation is ready to initiate the first stage of its GFL ICO set to begin on August 15th. The team recently finished their pre-sale which ended on July 30th. Golden Fleece plans to expand and build up a cryptocurrency mining data center on the Black Sea coast in Georgia, a country at the intersection of Europe and Asia.

Here the link. https://www.cryptoninjas.net/2017/08/08/golden-fleece-project-launching-new-altcoin-mining-ecosystem/amp/

Yes sure it looks like just another plug for another ICO. True! That it is, but What I like about about this article is the way it gets inside the largely unglamorous side of altcoins. The mining. As it turns ou there’s a direct correlation between how sucessfully an enterprise can move and the cost of electricity where it decides to mine.

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