#dailydoug your bitcoin may not be a bitcoin 

As bitcoin and altcoins in general come out of the shadows and become mainstream they come with a new cost. The promise of a decentralized alternative new world currency without an intermediary and the establishment of trust through cryptography looks a bit dented.

Making digital-token offerings more popular means cleaning up thier reputation. That means being compliant with some laws. In the case of Wall Street that compliance will be with with U.S. securities law. 

The SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) is of the point of view that some ICOs are too similar to securities and could be subject to registration with the SEC to render them compliant with U.S. law. 

It’s probably not such a bad idea. Given the amount of dodgy altcoin offerings the process of registering tokens means altcoins are taking an big step away form the original utopian intent of an non state controlled means of wealth exchange. 

While the whole implementation and registration will not be straightforward or easy it’s probably an admin exercise compared to the uphill battle altcoins have in a mainstream market.

I’m thinking a lack of infrastructure for startups, companies and exchanges that want to operate  in the cryptocurrency field. Snot to mention lawsuits for anything that might resemble a promoter try big to flog off fraudulent investments intentionally or otherwise.

But dont take my word for it l. More detailed reading from the experts over at New York Law Journal 


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