#dailydoug While credit suisse dumps its quant fund after only a year others look at more utopian fund management ..oh and will bitcoin give out at $3200?

Last year Credit Suisse Got a lot of front and center when they launched a quantitative trading hedge called Qube. This was about October 2016. 

Now less than a year later the whole unit is set for a spin-off.  Qube had (or has?) roughly $1 billion in assets. So while it’s not mega bucks it’s till not small change. 

So given the lack of news or information around the spin out. The question is if the deal to spin out the fund into a separate unit ( ready for 4th quarter 2017) is n indication to whether it by quant and systemic trading are still out performing in Credit Suisse. 

Check out hedge fund publication HFMWeek, which stated that the team will split from the Credit Suisse Asset Management as a result of the management buy-out.

On a similar note. What about a utopian fund?

That’s exactly what Quantopian wants. From the get go it looks to bring about an element of fairness to how the fund spoils are distributed. Putting the earned big capability in the hand of who crates the science and understands the algorithms behind the fund management. Or as the website claims:Leveling Wall Street’s Playing Field

Quantopian is targeting the talented people everywhere to come up with investment algorithms.  Once the algorithms make the cut a select number of code writers get the chance to license their algorithms to Quantopian and get paid based on performance. Sounds like a fAir deal. But I can’t help but wonder if I came up with my own quant technique or algorithms that works, would It not be pore beneficial if I kept tit to myself?

Bitcoin high.

At some stage it’s simply going to stop being  my refered to as a high and take on a more suitable financial term like a rally followed by a readjustment. But as of writing Bitcoin is now at an all time high … sorry rally… 

Even in the Post fork days Bitcoin shows jocsigbs of stopping. At $3,200 it’s probably now best to hold onto them. It’s current  market cap is still around $54 billion , give or take so still topping out as the biggest altcoin out there. 

That’s said I discovered a nice little summary of what bitcoins are left to be mined. All told there is not much room left to wait it out. Given that the Next split is not for another three years there is still a bit too much time in there to ultimately have a Big Bang moment to bring everything tumbling down.

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