#dailydoug Things moving in finance

First off. Where there’s bacon n there kabbage.

SoftBank group just decided to plough $250 million into the small business loan maverick kabbage. Understanding what makes kabbage special is all about it understanding the plight of small business credit and the difficulty with which they can access credit, what makes kabbage different is its ability to use both big data and careful analytics to underwrite and guarantee loans. It has some history and lineage considering it’s fintech. Founded in Atlanta in 2009, it was an ine of the pioneers in us by big data analytics to underwrite and monitor loans. To help them they use hundreds of sources of information like a company’s or individual’s public social media profiles and a business’s QuickBooks accounts, to decide if they want to to loan money (and how much to loan).

If bitcoin is just not to volatile enough for you.

Everyonenia rcing for a piece of the cryptocurrencies rush. And since there’s no denying that the experimentation and wait-and-see phase is well and truly over institutions from insurers to exchanges are starting to take an interest. Most most notable this week was reported in the Wall Street Journal this week.


If you’re among the not too faint hearted that trades in bitcoin and whatever other cryptocurrencies your can get your hands on and if  the peaks and troughs of their daily volatility is still not enough then here’s another way to get the thrilling ride. Bit coin futures. The Chicago Board Options Exchange, CBOR the largest U.S. options exchange has just announced that it is about to launch its own bitcoin derivatives trading products in early 2018. 

The news  ones straight from CBOE Holdings and Gemini Trust. This is the digital currency exchange that will allow CBOE to use Gemini’s market data to create bitcoin derivatives and indexes.

Another addition to the Brexit list

Interesting news from RBS that they are investigating Amsterdam as a new office location for post brexit era.


Albeit th announcement pales into significance when your consider it comes i the the context of a pretty grim details about RBS being investigated considering using for potential breaches of money laundering rules and another potentiL full-year loss for 2017. That  would be the 10th consecutive year of annual losses since the bank’s 2008 bailout. So yup that fact that they are moving 150 form U.K. To Amsterdam really needs to be put into context. 

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