Thomson Reuters to engage with blockchain startups

Are you an early-stage entrepreneur in technology fields like distributed ledger and cryptocurrency?

If so the first thing to do is hop on the link to a blog post about participating fintech startup OpenMineral

Then look at and think about their 6-month program hosted in Thomson Reuters Labs #Zurich Region and benefit from a diverse group of mentors, free office space in the Lab, access to TR data and tools, customer network, investor circle and much more.

Since the thematic is all about innovation then it should be no surprise to any one in the fintech and  innovation space that Thomson Reuters is particularly interested in startups and entrepreneurs in that can put the #dlt and #@blockchain technologies to work  in areas  like FinTech, RegTech, LegalTech and NewsTech (yes Newstech is a thing).  I guess whats missing from that whole list is also the insurtech segment.

Check out Open Mineral at

As the name suggests its a B2B marketplace for trading physical commodities. so its a platform where buyers and sellers with trade services all connect to mines with smelters without an intermediary manage tenders, negotiate, and execute the direct trade of metal concentrates, like copper, zinc, lead, gold and silver. And that is where the blockchain angle comes in.  All done without ‘trusted’ middlemen.  all done on the blockchain where the trust is established from with in the distributed ledger.


Although sounds m like something from a Marvel comic, the Thomson reuters Lab is based in Baar what is knows as the The cryptovalley of Switzerland. For more details on the Thomson Reuters Labs Incubator program, visit the Incubator website.  


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