#dailydoug Ethereum, Mastercard, Cisco, online gaming

Where Artificial Intelligence, networking nerds and the mob and terrorism all meet. Cisco has just joined up to the EEA which in itself is not so surprising. Cisco has been declining in things that really matter for a while now.  Routers and networking hardware are their bread and butter but they have their limit. Declining … Continue reading #dailydoug Ethereum, Mastercard, Cisco, online gaming

#dailydoug Stepping into to cryptocurrencies?

Ever heard of linkcoin, onyxcoin (version 2, no less), xryptbit, and limicoin. The day before that, we saw the birth of bizcoin, shopcoin x, filebit, palestinecoin.   No? Well then you're not up to speed with cryptocurrencies. Delving into the cryptocurrency (why is this word not in my spell check yet?) is for the large part … Continue reading #dailydoug Stepping into to cryptocurrencies?

#dailydoug An expeditious look at three Santander acquisitions and what they mean.

Curve, Pixoneye, Gridspace Cracking the Santander ecosystem One quick look at where Santander is throwing its money through its InnoVentures unit will tell you Santander is creating a workflow that gleans intelligence from mobile devices and uses it predict, recommend, execute purchases or simply add it all to a bigger data pool. All without leaving the comfort of … Continue reading #dailydoug An expeditious look at three Santander acquisitions and what they mean.

Understanding Blockchain trust through Ripplepay.

If bitcoin has been called “digital gold,” then what does that make blockchain The blockchain was created for the all intents and purposes for the exchange and settlement what we now call cryptocurrencies. The idea being to tear from the very heart of the financial transaction the need for an intermediary or middleman. The essence … Continue reading Understanding Blockchain trust through Ripplepay.

Thomson Reuters to engage with blockchain startups

Are you an early-stage entrepreneur in technology fields like distributed ledger and cryptocurrency? If so the first thing to do is hop on the link to a blog post about participating fintech startup OpenMineral https://blogs.thomsonreuters.com/answerson/zurich-based-startup-incubator-opens-with-open-mineral/ Then look at and think about their 6-month program hosted in Thomson Reuters Labs #Zurich Region and benefit from a … Continue reading Thomson Reuters to engage with blockchain startups