Social media Tags for financial markets 17 May 2017

Social media content and events driving financial markets for 17 May 2017

Financial articles contain Social tags that improve search  and content recommendation. Readers will be driven more your content if it contains the Social tags from populare and trneding fianancial articels.


Following the social indicators maps you straight to the events in the News piquing the interest of Financial readers.


I publish the Social Media Tags with the following characteristics:

relevance weighting daily.


  • On a daily basis. Morning GMT (this is when most active reading for the day takes place)
  • Most relevant Social tags (not all Social tags are relevant)
  • Relevance \ Weighting  (how important the tags is in the whole context of the article)
  • The most read article in the following publications:
  • A direct link to each article.
Contact me to include more publications. 

 SOCIAL TAGS and their Relevance. Based on the the most read story from 17 May 2017.

Copy and include the below tags in your content. 


#Finance 100%
#Economy 100%
#Money 100%
#Personal finance 66%
#Credit 66%
#Payment systems 66% 66%
#Credit history 66%
#Credit score 66%
#Credit card 66%
#Subprime lending 66%
#Credit score in the United States 66%


#Health 100%
#Pharmacy 100%
#Medicine 100%
#Pharmaceuticals policy 66%
#Clinical pharmacology 66%
#Drugs 66%
#Walgreens 66%
#CVS Health 66%
#Prescription drug 66%
#Pharmacist 66%
#Amazon Web Services 66% 66%
#Economy 100%
#Business 100%
#Price of oil 100%
#Pricing 66%
#OPEC 66%
#Benchmark 66%
#Dow Jones Industrial Average 66%
#Short 66%
#Donald Trump 66%

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