In-Car Gardening

More space for growing your own vegetables

If there is one thing that in vogue right now its the phenomenon of grow-your-own fruit an vegetables. So how do you come up with a new space to utilize for beyond the standard conventional spaces like window sills, porches, yards. A curios Design Problem

Hipster style brunch-restaurant gardening that gives you as much Instagram friendly snaps and home grown Basil is a thing.

It does make general sense that if you grow a plot of lettuce and potter about with some kale in an old paint bucket then the results will be more or less positive for the world. Not to mention your health, your brunch hour and your Instagram feed.

Bolstering it all is the almost industrial fervor of the urban gardening movement. Turning old asbestos factories into photo friendly landscapes are Hipster gold these days. A long line of rocket in an urban decay setting is far more appealing than any bearded selfie on a unicycle.  Its even create an evangelical sub culture and might even a have a practical side.

Realities tend to be a bit different.

Since a lot of us work and live in urban areas it sounds like a darn good idea to take straight to our gardening basins and load them up with rocket and basil. But truth be told the economics don’t really make sense. Since there is never really a good amount of space on a balcony for a decent size potting exercise.

The next logical step is to simply leave the vegetable patch our yards or entrances or gardens. To the delight of local stray cats who find themselves the luxury of a brand new kitty litter at their disposal. Plus its the great outdoors so its unlikely that you’re going to avoid snail and the other wild creatures that roma the prairies at night. hours of fruitless (or veg-less)toil in the planting boxes just to have them devoured by roaming bands of angry, hungry snail. Hardly seems worth it.

The other option might be to invest in this uber tech idea. But you’d have to eat a lot of lettuce to make to economics work

Where to find more grow space with ample lighting and protection for a side gardening project.

At first I started to think about all the usual places where I could plant some vegetable; the kitchen window (inside or out), the porch, on a balcony and so forth.

The once source of space that is not used very much is the very thing that we need in both urban and not so urban areas.  The humble car.

From completely anecdotal evidence its obvious that most cars spend their whole day parked and stationary and most of all empty.  While they are parked they become immobile, completely dry, safe, protected and warm environments surrounded by glass.

Sound familiar? Just like a glasshouse. You’ve guessed it the car could be come the perfect environment to be used for grow your own veg.

In-car growing. New frontiers in grow-your-own veg.

The concept is pretty straight forward. Since the average car (your car included) is parked most of the time, in safe, warm and usually bright positions, the whole inside of the car could become a mobile greenhouse.

How to turn your car into a glasshouse

The idea would need a simple shelf design that would sit it in the backseat (or in the case of a station wagon the trunk) of any car. A car with plenty of windows is nothing more than a huge volume green house that can potentially host and grow your veg while you’re in work or simply while the car is parked.

Just think of the Renault Espace.  Look how much space and light is in there.

Design Requisites

So the design essentials would be

  • a low center of gravity, waterproof shelf
  • make use of the seat belt latches to secure and tie down the structure to the seat.
  • a ratchet and strap system to keep the whole unit in place from the top of the passenger hand rails.
  • The whole unit would need to accomodate low growing fruit and veg and the only reasonable thing you could grown would be small stuff, lettuce, radishes and such.
  • a drip watering system with tight drainage to avoid your car becoming a complete mess.
  • It would also need to be easily dis-mountable because I guess at some stage some one else will want to use the back seat.

The results would be somewhat ridiculous.

It would conceivable be a bit weird to see a stream of cars zipping around town with a bunch of fruit and veg growing in the back.  but I can help but shake the idea form my head that there is so much empty glass house space going around and completely unused.  No more absurd than putting seeing your fresh crop of radishes sent to their maker because of an impromptu spring time snowfall.







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