First blog post

This is my very first post. Thankfully its not the very first post, and it is about the third or fourth time I have started a blog

WordPress tell me that if I like, I can use this post to tell readers why I started this blog and what I plan to do with it.

Well here goes…

The idea behind the blog is to give me a canvas, outlet, pressure release valve to vomit or regurgitate some of my thoughts and ideas onto paper.  A lot of time I find a lot of ideas rolling around in my head.  A lot of the times its just my mind wandering around and relaxing taking an unhindered walk around the less visited part of the neighborhood. OS I take a few minutes out – with no chemical enhancement – and let thoughts roam free. Its a nice way of getting a bit of R & R for my mind.

Whats the big idea?

I’m well used to idea popping into my head from time to time. Some less than interesting and some are simple “what if “scenarios I’ve always noted that they come to fruition when I’m walking or wandering my self and I guess the oxygen levels give a much needed boos to under nourished brain. I have however never taken any record of the ideas. Who knows what world changing ideas have been born and lost in all these years.  (sarcastic sob)

But in some way I hoped that I could come up with the killer idea but in reality I always thought I could simply put the ideas on the back burner for another moment of more calm when I could take them up. Then it would be easy all I’d need to do was learn how to code, build a business plan, talk to interested developers and technicians and then get some investors and work out out the idea.  And hey presto I’d have the Unicorn.  So as you can guess for a while I was all into my idea of MVP, betalaunches, wireframes.

Guess what?

None of the ideas ever came to anything. Just a big bunch of jumbled thoughts stuck in my head taking up precocious space.

Thing is, I couldn’t execute.  There was never – and as far as I can see – in the immediate future there will not be a time when I can sit down and work out all the kinks in a certain idea.

I like to think the the idea generation is my thing. I love exercising the grey matter.  Then further down the line there will be people who get endlessness fun and relaxation from working out the kinks and elaborating the idea a little further. This blog is for them as much as it is for me. They find the very first step of letting their imagination soar or wander around the unknown corners of the forest, the most burdensome and tiring task.

So this is for you.

You are the people that will read this blog and begin to define the details a details and put up the perimeters around it and turn it it into something tangible.  Or heck they might even be able to something out of it terms of a project or idea.

Immaginnovation I call it

That said, while I  understand the usefulness of the blog to others, my plan is to make a regular visti  here every week and do a bit of an imagination work-out.

The idea is that what comes out will help me get my thoughts in order and give some structure.

Its not going to be anything fancy but bear with me while it gets off the ground.

Happy reading.

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